WTS Quadient


  • FAQ

    To change your password:
    •Click on your login name at the top left of your dashboard.

    This will bring up your own, personal user account details.
    •Your login information will be displayed.
    •Simply click on the box that says password and type in your new desired password.
    •To finish, simply click submit.

    Your new password is read to use.
    • Password Strength

      Please note that new passwords must follow the password strength rules:
      •Minimum of 8 characters.
      •Mixed case containing numbers and symbols.

      The Password Strength Meter will show you whether your password is strong enough.

      If your desired password is not deemed strong enough, make it stronger by changing the case of some of the letters and by replacing some letters with numbers.

      Basically, make the password hard to guess to protect your account from unauthorized use.
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