• Neotouch Document Delivery - This powerful web-based solution handles the preparation and delivery of your business communications via a user friendly interface.
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    Letters, emails and faxes sent and received as well as text messages are stored for two months (60 days), free of charge.

    There is an option to archive your documents for a period of between one and 11 years.

    You are probably using a group of SMTP servers for sending your emails. If this is the case, you will need to declare all your servers in the list of gateways to be able to send faxes via email.

    The server platform that supports Neotouch is hosted in a colocation facility in a Data Center in US, and is monitored 24/7.

    The secure server racks are monitored in terms of temperature, pressure and humidity, equipped with an electric infrastructure with back-up generator and advanced fire prevention measures.

    You can preview your letters in PDF format by clicking on preview.
    There is no need to send several letters at once. You can send from one to several thousand letters at the same time, or on the fly throughout the day depending on your particular needs.

    Yes, you can.
    An arrangement will need to be put in place so that NeoTouch can redirect your existing fax number to a host number on NeoTouch.


    Yes, this is possible under certain conditions:

    If a letter is not being processed or has not yet been processed by the Neotouch production center, you can delete the letter or corresponding message via Document Manager. 

    See Deleting files or messages. Any files or messages deleted in Document Manager will not be invoiced.

    No. Neotouch prints your letters on a white paper. Your letter will be sent in a white envelope. You can use the 'watermarks' function to create paper with a virtual letterhead.

    You can use our letter templates. 

    These are Microsoft Word documents that contain a text box defining the address area. You can leave this text box in the document, it will not appear when printed.

    In the Help section symbolized by a '?' on the Neotouch platform, go to 'Letter templates' to find more information on setting out your letters.

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