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    No - the router is locked and will only allow data to Neopost servers

    No - at this point the router/SIM combo has to be tied to an active meter contract. However, when we are able to do upgrades a cell router can be added to a live meter at your site.

     If the router has a good signal, and the Status LED is still blinking, then you can connect a computer and ping

        ‒ Google DNS:
        ‒ Our Server: us-r1-meterservices.neopost.com

    No - the router and SIM are pre-configured together and cannot be separated. If the customer wishes they can buy a router and plan separately but would be responsible for the setup and the monthly service.

    Not at this time – unfortunately, NeoShip uses a lot of Data and will exceed our proposed limits.

    No - the SIM is configured specifically for our Cell Router.

    No - the router has been locked out. Field technicians are not authorized to change any configurations.

    Not at this time – unfortunately, an EMS/MS combination uses a lot of Data and will exceed our proposed limits. However, we are planning to release a higher data/month router in the future. It will, of course, include a higher monthly service fee.