• FAQ

    Yes, they can be deleted. Please go to Operations on the Neoslogan Helpdesk page and select your model under “Manage Ad Slogans”

    You have to default the slogan in Supervisor mode. Go to Menu > Supervisor (enter 09430) > Default User Settings > Default Imprint Parameters > Ad Slogan > Select desired Slogan and press OK.
    See complete instructions for your model under the operations area > Customize Imprint.

    There are 160 slogans available in the Slogan Library.

    You can resize your slogan image by clicking in the "Preview" box and using the size control. For more detailed instructions, click here.

    Your Mailing System comes preloaded with 8 slogans. Note – there are two empty slots for additional slogans.
    Your Mailing System can hold a maximum of ten slogans. Note – they come preloaded with 8 slogans.
    The accepted format are .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp – the maximum size for the file is 2MB with a maximum resolution of 300 PPI.
    The Mailing System can only print using red ink. Therefore, all images will be printed using a red scale color. Note – Images with multiple vivid colors may appear all red. To reduce the occurrence of this please use a single color on a white background.
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