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    To find out if an email has been opened, we load a tiny transparent image and detect when the image has been loaded. As it relies on images, it isn't 100% accurate.
    If a recipient's email application has the images turned off, the tracking image won't load, and the email will not be recognized as opened.
    In addition there is a short delay between the moment the email is opened and the moment it is visible in the application.

    8.5in x 3.5in windowed business return envelopes are used for Small, Medium and Flat envelopes.
    A return coupon will also be printed and included in your envelope.

    There are 4 status possibilities for your tracked emails:
    • “Submitted” when you have just sent it, but it has not been sent yet.
    • “Delivered” when the email has been sent. At this point we don’t have final confirmation from the recipient’s email server.
    • “Opened” if your recipient has read your email.
    • “Rejected” if there was an issue (you will be refunded).

    When an email is rejected by an email server, it's called a “bounce”.
    “Hard bounce” indicates a permanent error: email or domain does not exist, or has blocked the delivery.
    “Soft bounce” indicates a temporary issue. For example: mailbox is full, email server is down or offline, attached file is too heavy.

    USA addresses have three parts, and each part must start on a new line:
    • Recipient identification
    This part typically indicates the name of a person and/or the name of a company, and the street address.
    Be careful to enter clear information so that the letter carrier can easily find the appropriate person or company in town.

    • Town identification
    This part indicates the destination town or city, the American state, and the ZIP Code. For the U.S. city line, the following formats are accepted
    (you can use the state abbreviation or the full state name, digit codes can be 5-digit ZIP or ZIP+4):
    Town ST nnnnn-nnnn
    TownST nnnnn
    Town state nnnnn-nnnn
    Town state nnnnn
    Do not put spaces between ZIP digits.
    Examples of 5 digit ZIP and ZIP+4 digit codes:
        OSHKOSH Wl 54901
        NEW YORK NY 10025-7799

    • Country identification
    The country name must always be on a separate line at the end of the address.
    Example of valid U.S. mail address
        JOHN DOE
        ABC INC STE 12
        123 MAIN ST NW
        NEW-YORK NY 12345

    At the moment we only deliver letters in the USA. We plan to add new destinations shortly.

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