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    8.5in x 3.5in windowed business return envelopes are used for Small, Medium and Flat envelopes.
    A return coupon will also be printed and included in your envelope.

    You can send as many Adobe PDFs and Microsoft Word documents as your wish. Each document must be in US Letter format and must be 10 Mo or less.

    There are 4 status possibilities for your tracked emails:
    • “Submitted” when you have just sent it, but it has not been sent yet.
    • “Delivered” when the email has been sent. At this point we don’t have final confirmation from the recipient’s email server.
    • “Opened” if your recipient has read your email.
    • “Rejected” if there was an issue (you will be refunded).

    When an email is rejected by an email server, it's called a “bounce”.
    “Hard bounce” indicates a permanent error: email or domain does not exist, or has blocked the delivery.
    “Soft bounce” indicates a temporary issue. For example: mailbox is full, email server is down or offline, attached file is too heavy.

    The security of your data is our highest priority.
    Each NeoSendit production facility routes documents using a secure and completely automated process. The elimination of manual labor and human error allows for guaranteed reliability and decreased delivery time.

    NeoSendit and its state-of-the-art production facilities provide the highest level of security and service:
    • Data transfer by secure protocol (SSL) identical to those used for banking transactions
    • 24/7 surveillance ensures operational continuity
    • Electrical infrastructure with back-up generators
    • Fire prevention measures

    To find out if an email has been opened, we load a tiny transparent image and detect when the image has been loaded. As it relies on images, it isn't 100% accurate.
    If a recipient's email application has the images turned off, the tracking image won't load, and the email will not be recognized as opened.
    In addition there is a short delay between the moment the email is opened and the moment it is visible in the application.

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