What does “Tracked email” status mean?

There are 4 status possibilities for your tracked emails:
• “Submitted” when you have just sent it, but it has not been sent yet.
• “Delivered” when the email has been sent. At this point we don’t have final confirmation from the recipient’s email server.
• “Opened” if your recipient has read your email.
• “Rejected” if there was an issue (you will be refunded).

When an email is rejected by an email server, it's called a “bounce”.
“Hard bounce” indicates a permanent error: email or domain does not exist, or has blocked the delivery.
“Soft bounce” indicates a temporary issue. For example: mailbox is full, email server is down or offline, attached file is too heavy.

Date created:
01/04/2018 10:34:14
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01/04/2018 11:44:14