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    USPS regulations require that a mailing machine must communicate with the manufacturer's host server within certain reset times. If the time is exceeded, a "Security Timeout" message will be displayed and postage printing is disabled. To Clear this message, perform an Audit or Postal Inspection from the Funds menu.

    To Clear A Security Timeout Message (click here)

    Video: "Clearing a "PO Lockout", "PSD Locked" or "Postal Inspection Required" Message

    Video: Performing an Audit - IJ-25

    Video: Performing an Audit - IJ-35, IJ-40, IJ-45, IJ-50, IJ-60

    Video: Performing an Audit - IJ-65, IJ-70, IJ-75, IJ-85

    Possible cause: Envelopes bnot placed properly in the hopper.

    Top Support Flapper Spring is getting damaged and a replacement set has been introduced.

    To prevent the spring getting damaged by its movement both spring 56309019 and hub 50901520 have been modified.
    In case the spring has to be replaced also the hub should be replaced as its diameter has been altered.

    For this reason a kit has been introduced with part number A009294 containing bot the spring and the hub.

    1x 56309019, SPRING Revisie B
    1x 50901520, Spacer Revisie C


    • Procedure

      Yes.  Point directly one of our hot folders in c:/mColor/workflows and it will just go through

    The date on the cartridge is simply the date is was manufactured.

    The date on the box is the expiration date only if the cartridge has remained uninstalled. Once installed, the cartridge has no expiration date.


    By default 3 factory jobs are programmed on the IM-35. Here you can find the explanation of these 3 default jobs.

    Explanation of default jobs

    1. J1 = F1; Empty envelope partially transported out of the extractor unit. Contents transported to the receiving tray. The next cycle starts once the contents are removed from the receiving tray. Daily mail  mode,  including  extraction.
    2. J2 = F2; Empty envelope fully transported to the back side. Contents transported to the receiving tray. The  next cycle  automatically  starts,  based  on the set  cycle  time.  Automatic  mode,  including extraction.
    3. J3 = F3; Each envelope is cut at up to three sides and exited at the front side, including its contents. The next cycle automatically starts, based on the set cycle time. Automatic mode without extraction.