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    The maximum is nine flex jobs in a FlexFile for DS-64i, DS-75i, DS-85i or DS-95i.

    The capacity of the short tray is 325 buck slips and 50 BRE (Business Reply Envelope).

    It is recommended to service the machine at least twice a year or every 160.000 cycles.
    Sheet capacity = 1200 sheets of 20lb paper, insert capacity= 1200 buck slips of 20lb paper and 325 BRE (Business Reply Envelope). The MaxiFeeder capacity is the same on DS-64i, DS-75i, DS-85i and DS-95i.

     On Models DS-64i, DS-75i, DS-85i, DS-90i and DS-95i; your Folder/Inserter has a feature “ Envelope clearing after job selection” either select Always, Ask or Never.