AS-960 | HJ960

High-performance addressing printing made simple

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    Solution 1:
    Set and lock the paper length/width.
    1. Make sure the paper transport system is properly adjusted to feed your envelope.
    2. Make sure the printer is off-line.
    3. Simultaneously press and hold the Quick button and the Right Arrow button until an “L” appears on the screen.
    4. Release the Quick button and the Right Arrow button.
    5. The printer will feed and measure the envelope. It will also lock this measured value into printer memory. The measured value will be displayed, briefly, after the piece is fed. This value can also be viewed using the printer menu item “Paper Size” “User”. It is a good idea to repeat this step a few times to be sure you are getting consistent paper measurements. If the measurements are not consistent (+ - 5 mm) then you must correct this paper feeding issue before you continue. Note: When using the AS-3630 printer the paper width and length should be set and locked in the printer.

    Cause 2:
    This message may also occur if the software application or printer driver you are using is set for an inappropriate paper size.

    Solution 2:
    Make sure the paper size in your software application is set to the form size you are using. With shuttling head printers the paper height setting is most important. With fixed head printers the paper width setting is most important. Tip: If using Satori Bulk Mailer; be sure you are using the Satori printer driver version or higher, and make sure you set the paper size appropriately in the Bulk Mailer software.

    If problem persists, contact your local service provider.

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