Can't access USB memory

Machine info
Event id: BAS-20-004 or DBX-20-004
Long description: Can't access USB memory
Recovery: - Check USB memory connection
- Check USB memory on a personal computer

  • Cause:

    The USB key could not be accessed. Unplug and replug on the same or different USB port.

    ON SITE:

    If it still does not work, please try another USB key.

  • Date created:
    06/14/2018 16:35:16
    Last updated:
    06/14/2018 16:43:45
    IS-330, IS-350, IS-420, IS-430, IS-440, IS-460, IS-480, IS-490, IS-5000, IS-6000, IS-6500, IN-600, IN-750, IN-700, IN-710, IN-760, IN-610, IN-360