Machine info
Event id: BAS-06-045 or DBX-06-045
Long description: The Supervisor tries to change the accounting mode but there is already default account so the system can't create default account in the new account mode
Recovery: The Supervisor or technician should make the creation of the operators needed for this accounting mode manually. It should keep the existing operator but change their status to active and associate them to a valid account

Date created:
08/27/2012 06:23:14
Last updated:
11/13/2015 15:57:33
IN-750, IN-760, IN-700, IN-710, IN-600, IN-610, IN-360, Rate Change, IS56STACKER, IS-6500, IS-6000, IS-6000c, IS-5000, IS-490, IS-480c, IS-480, IS-460, IS-440, IS-430, IS-420, IS-380, IS-350, IS-330, IS-280, IS-280c, IS-240