1. Account Management
    1. Account Modes
    2. Account Numbering
    3. Account Overview
    4. Setting Up "Account" Mode
    5. Creating An Account
    6. Creating An Operator
    7. Operator Management Overview
    8. Rate Selection
    9. Setting Up "Account" Mode
    10. Setting Up "Account with Access Control" Mode
    11. Setting Up "No Account" Mode
    12. Setting Up "No Account with Access Control" Mode
  2. Customize Imprint
    1. Add A New Text Message To The Imprint
    2. Add A New Text Message To The Imprint
    3. Add An Ad Slogan To The Imprint
    4. Change The Default Ad Slogan
    5. Change The Default Text Message
    6. Text Message Deletion
    7. Delete An Ad Slogan
    8. Display the List of Ad Slogans
    9. Display The List Of Text Messages
    10. Download New Ad Slogans
    11. Edit (Modify) An Ad Slogan
  3. eServices
    1. How to Process eConfirmation Items using the WP
    2. Displaying eConfirmation Record List
    3. How e-Confirmation Service Works
    4. Modifying eConfirmation Records
    5. eService Overview
    6. The Process in your Mailroom
  4. Funds Operations
    1. Managing Funds
    2. The Postal Security Device (PSD) — Postage Meter
    3. Tracking Funds
    4. Adding Funds
    5. Checking Funds
    6. How to Add Funds to the PSD
    7. How to Check the PSD (Meter) Funds
    8. How to Unlock the PSD
    9. Manual Call
    10. Adding Funds To The PSD
    11. Funds Information
    12. Funds PIN Code
    13. Set A High Value Warning Amount
    14. Set A Low Value Warning Amount
  5. Imprint Settings
    1. Print Offset
  6. Online Services
    1. Online Services Overview
    2. How to Call Online Services Manually (as a User)
    3. How to Test the Connection to Online Services
    4. How to Upload Report Data to the Online Services Server
    5. Accessing The Supervisor Mailbox
    6. Accessing The User Mailbox
    7. Activating Loading New Options
    8. Activating Loading New Options
    9. Generic Call
    10. Performing An Audit Call
  7. PIN Codes
    1. Change The System (Shared) PIN Code
    2. Machine PIN Code
    3. Supervisor PIN Code
  8. Processing Mail
    1. Selecting The Rate
    2. Selecting A Weighing Method
    3. Counting Mail Pieces By Weight
    4. Date Settings
    5. Entering Manual Postage
    6. Frequently Asked Questions
    7. How to Change the Current 'Type of Stamp'
    8. How to Count Mail pieces by Weighing
    9. How to Enable an Emergency Stop
    10. How to Log in and Start a Work Session
    11. How to Process [Received] Mail
    12. How to Re-Date Mail (Running Mail)
    13. How to Re-Date Mail (Settings)
    14. How to Reset Batch Counters
    15. How to Set [No Printing] Mail processing
    16. How to Set Postage for [Standard] Mail
    17. How to Set [Received] Mode printing
    18. Manual Weighing
    19. Postage Amount Corrections
    20. Processing eServices Mail Using The Scale
    21. Processing International Mail
    22. Processing Standard Mail
    23. Re-Dating Mail
    24. Selecting A Weighing Method
    25. Selecting The Rate
    26. Selecting Services
    27. Type of Process and Type of Stamp
    28. Using the Rate Wizard
    29. Using The Rate Wizard
  9. Reports
    1. Adding Postage
    2. Daily Usage
    3. Funds Summary
    4. IP Configuration
    5. Machine Configuration
    6. Multi Account
    7. Proxy Configuration
    8. Single Account
    9. Import IM IS reports into Excel 2007
    10. Import IM-IS Reports into Excel 97-2003