1. The ink cartridge uses ink jet technology. It requires the print head nozzles to be cleaned regularly to provide a good printing quality. The system performs cleaning automatically or on your request. You can also clean the heads manually if the automatic cleaning is not sufficient.

  2. Buttons Used

    The following buttons pictured are the IS-280. Although the machine panel may be different in appearance the button operation is identical.

      Menu Button 
    OK Button
      Sleep / Wake Button 
  3. Procedure

  4. Procedure

    1. Press [MENU].
    2. Select Supervisor.
    3. Enter PIN Code.
      Press [OK].
    4. Select "Maintenance".
    5. Select Ink Cartridge.
    6. Select Ink Cartridge Information.
      The information is displayed.

    7. Press the Sleep/Wake button twice to exit.
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