• This Tech Tip explains how to measure the envelope flap angle.
    Sometimes envelope problems can occur if the flap angle is not within specifications.

  • Procedure:
    1. Draw a line three inches from the flap crease. Make sure that the line is parallel to the flap crease (see the red line in the drawing below).

    2. Draw a line extending your flap. The line needs to cross the three inch line you drew in step 1 (see the blue line in the drawing below).

    3. Measure the distance from the side of the envelope to the point where these two lines cross.
    a. If this point is less than one inch you are less than 19 degrees.
    b. If this point is at, or close to, an inch you are marginal.
    c. If this point is greater than one inch you are greater than 19 degrees.

Date created:
02/01/2017 15:45:52
Last updated:
02/22/2017 18:11:42