• Before connecting the system to the electrical supply, ensure that the system is suitable for the local mains voltage. Refer to the serial plate on your system for voltage requirements.
    • To reduce the risk of fire, use only the power cord supplied with the System.
    • Do not use ground adaptors.
    • In case of liquid spillage, disconnect the power cord from the outlet and proceed with cleaning.
    • Avoid using outlets controlled by wall switches or shared by other equipment.
    • Make sure there is no strain on the power supply cord.
    • Ensure safe storage/positioning of electrical cabling when not in use. Should the electrical cable become damaged do not operate the machine. 

    • The power connection must be easily accessible, preferably close to the system.
      For safety reasons, it is essential that the system is connected to a socket outlet that has a protective earth (ground) connection.
    • Overcurrent protection in the equipment also relies on the branch circuit protection (max. 20 A).
    • The following part(s) is (are) considered the equipment disconnect device(s):
      • Power supply cord plug or appliance coupler.
      • 12-pole connector, located on the right-hand side (depending on the system).
  • Caution

    Should a fault occur with the system immediately isolate and disconnect the incoming power.

  • Caution

    (this means that after operating of the fuse, parts of the equipment that remain energized, might represent a hazard during servicing.)

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