If this machine is connected to a mailing/franking machine, this option allows you to select the franking mode.

    1. Select the Exit Settings:


    2. Tap the [Advanced] button.

    3. Tap [Franking].
      1. In the "Franking mode" pull down menu you can choose between: 

        • Pass through: mailing (franking) off
        • Franking machine: the mailing (franking) system will print/frank the envelopes according to the local mailing (franking) system settings.
    4. Choose Franking machine. The system will retrieve the mailing (franking) jobs from the mailing (franking) system.
    5. From the "Franking job" pull down menu choose one of the mailing (franking) jobs.
    6. Tap the OK button and complete the exit settings.

Follow the instructions as described in 'Create a test mail set'.

Date created:
09/05/2013 08:03:37
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06/11/2014 13:45:27