• Before starting an existing job or a new, manual created job, it is possible to create a test mail set.

    This test run is intended to validate the settings of the Inserting System:

    When you tap the [1x] button, you can choose between three test mail sets:

    • Selected exit: creates one mail set that leaves the system at the defined exit. Use this option to test the complete process.
    • Present on deck: creates one mail set without sealing. The mail set leaves the system from the upper unit. Use this option to verify and adjust the address position.
    • Envelope stop position: separates one envelope and transports the envelope to the envelope stop position. Use this option to verify and adjust the envelope stop position.

    After a test mail set, the system asks if the mailset is ok or not ok. When you select not ok, you are guided through a wizard that helps you to find the cause.

Date created:
05/04/2016 13:30:07
Last updated:
01/08/2018 14:48:21