1. Select the Exit Settings:


      1. The system has two exits: the stacker and the side exit. In the Exit settings of the job, you define which exit is used. When Reading is on, more options for exit selection are available. Standard (without reading), you choose between:

        • Fixed exit: tap [Settings] to select which exit must be used for this job. If you select stacker, you can choose to let the system continue on the side exit if the stacker is full.
        • Batching: tap [Settings] to define after what number of mail sets, the system must switch to the other exit.
        • Thickness: tap [Settings] to define the exit for document-sets that are too thin or too thick. At the inserter, the thickness is measured and compared to a reference thickness. Depending on the selection in this menu the envelopes exit to the stacker or the side exit. The first document-set determines the reference thickness.
    2. Optionally tap the [Advanced] button to set the mail set thickness detection settings.

    3. Tap [>].
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