To create a job with OMR:

    1. From the Job list menu, tap [New job].

    2. Choose [Manual] to define the job settings.

    3. Select an envelope.

    4. Tap [Main document].

    5. Tap [Custom].

    6. Enter the document size or select a standard type.

    7. Tap the [Reading] tab.

    8. Select the code type [OMR].

    9. Configure the location of the OMR marks by setting the offset of the top and left side of the sheet.

    10. Load a sample document in the feeder tray as indicated.
    11. Tap [Verify] to read an example sheet to check the correct reading of the OMR marks.

    12. If necessary adjust the position from top and from left side. Verify again with a sample sheet.

    13. Tap the information button to verify the read OMR marks.

    14. Tap [OK] and follow the remaining steps to complete the job.

    15. When you completed the job creation, tap [Save] to save job.

If required the maximum number of sheets, stop on sheet overflow and stop on misread can be reconfigured. Refer to Reading Settings for more details on how to change these settings.
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10/09/2013 09:53:27
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