For feeding large amounts of envelopes a high capacity envelope hopper can be installed.

To start up the high capacity envelope hopper:

    1. Switch on the hopper.

      1. Envelope hopper

      2. To ensure correct feeding envelope support A has to be adjusted parallel. Proceed as follows:

    2. Move the high capacity envelope hopper backwards, away from the inserter.
    3. Hold an envelope against the hopper plate B as indicated.
    4. Place the envelope support A such that the envelope is aligned with recess C.

    5. Apply the same alignment at the position of recess D.

    6. Adjust the inserter side guides and the separation as described in Loading Envelopes.

    7. Put an envelope in the envelope height measurement area.

    8. Rotate thumbwheel E to adjust the envelope height setting. The envelope should fit exactly in the space indicated by the arrows.

      1. Envelope fit

    9. Rotate thumbwheel F to adjust the side guides so, that the envelopes:

      - Fit exactly between the side guides

      - Can move freely

    10. Fill the envelope hopper with envelopes, positioned upside down. The flaps should face the inserter.

    11. Tip over the envelopes.

    12. Load the envelope feeder of the inserter with about 50 envelopes.

      1. Tip over

    13. Press the [Start] button.

      1. The envelopes on the envelope hopper will be transported towards the feeder of the inserter. Envelopes will be transported and dropped in the inserter feeder until the envelopes reach a certain level. At that moment a sensor will detect the envelopes and the high capacity envelope hopper will stop transporting.

        When the sensor does not detect envelopes anymore the hopper will start again and the process will be repeated.

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