See also Loading the versatile feeder hopper Adjusting the Separator’

Now set the separator gap to suit the daily mail. As a general guide, the gap should be set to approx. 1mm greater than the pack or booklet thickness. If the document is an 80gsm sheet, set the gap to 1mm.

If the thickness is unknown, proceed as follows:

    1. Open the separator gap wide enough to allow the document to pass through. Insert a corner of the document between the separator wheels as shown - this avoids snagging the grooves in the tyres (particularly useful for thin documents).
    2. Close the separator gap until there is some friction on the document, then rotate the separator knob in reverse direction 1 turn (this will give clearance of 1mm).
    3. When daily mail has been enabled as described, and the gap has been set, press the Run button and feed the post into the hopper tray. The machine will wait for 30 seconds after pressing the button - if you exceed this before inserting the documents, press the button again.
    4. To turn the function off, switch ‘Daily Mail’ back to No in Document Settings.

The procedure above applies only documents feeding from a Versatile Feeder. If documents are feeding from a Flex Folder, see Daily Mail (Flex Folder)

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