• Parameters  
    Pack thickness  Maximum pack thickness is defined as the internal dimension of a rigid opening that a filled envelope will fall through under its own weight.
     #10 & DL Envelopes:  up to 6mm (¼”)
     C5/C4 Envelopes and above:  up to 6mm (¼”)
    Pack clearance The minimum clearances required between the inserts and envelopes are dependent on insert pack thickness.

    Clearance is the total clearance and is defined as the difference between the largest overall dimensions of the pack and the internal dimensions of the envelope (see below). The required clearances are summarised as follows:

    Pack <3mm: Depth 6mm (¼”) Width 16mm (5/8”)
    Pack >3mm <6mm: Depth 12mm (½”) Width 19mm (¾”)

    Cycling speed Up to 4800 envelopes per hour (based on 1 x A4 folded sheet into a C5/6 or #10 envelope).

    Up to 3900 envelopes per hour (based on 1 x A4 folded sheet with 1 x enclosure into a C5/6 or #10 envelope).

    Speeds for other conditions available on request.

    Monthly volume Up to 200,000 filled envelopes per month.
    Envelope Hopper capacity C5 or below - up to 800 of 90gsm (24lbs bond)
    C4 (flat type) - up to 500 of 100gsm (28lbs bond)
    Envelope weight Minimum: C5 or below - 70gsm (18lbs bond)

    Minimum: Above C5 - 90gsm (24lbs bond)

    Maximum: 110gsm (28lbs bond)

    General envelope requirements - Envelope to be good quality machine-fill type. Dimensions and quality to be consistent across manufactured batches.
    - Side seams must be securely glued to the top of the seam.
    - Flap crease must be pre-scored to enable the envelope flap to open flat.
    - no glue seepage must be evident on interior or exterior of envelope.
    Receiving tray capacity (optional)

    DL: 215 filled envelopes*
    C4: 300 filled envelopes*
    *assumes 1 document inserted.

     Envelope details







    Envelope sealing  fluid  Built-in wetter tank, automatically pump-fed by 10-litre wetter container located in stand. Optional low-level float switch available. 
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