• Parameters  
    Paper Size

    Minimum width: 148mm (5¾")*

    Maximum width: 305mm (12")†

    Minimum length: 93mm (3 ⅝")

    Maximum length: 406mm (16")

    *For individual items. Min. pack width: 210mm (8¼")

    †Maximum width when folding: 229mm (9")

    Note: The maximum suggested width difference between inserts is 32mm (1¼"): this may be increased subject to test. If this difference is exceeded, the insertion fingers will not cover the edges of the narrow insert and may cause insertion problems. Sandwiching a narrow insert between two wider ones may resolve this.

    Paper weight

    Minimum 70gsm (18lbs bond)

    Maximum 120gsm (32lbs bond) for folded documents

    Maximum 2mm thick for unfolded documents (subject to test)

    Maximum 2.5mm thick for unfolded documents for Daily Mail (subject to test)

    Folding capacity C, Z or V-fold: 8 sheets 80gsm (20lbs bond)*

    Double-forward fold: 4 sheets 80gsm (20lbs bond)*

    * Multiple folded sets dependent upon pack thickness.
     Fold lengths

    Fold Plate 1:  237mm Max, 50mm Min.

    Fold Plate 2:  150mm Max, 85mm Min.

    Fold Plate 3:  135mm Max, 50mm Min.

    Fold skew accuracy:  +/- 2mm Max (C, Z or V-fold)

    Hopper capacity

    Tower can be ordered with 1 or 2 pods, each fitted with 1 or 2 hoppers as follows:

    2 x 500 sheets of 80gsm (20lbs bond)

    1 x 1000 sheets of 80gsm (20lbs bond)

    Examples shown above are for illustration only. Other configurations are available.

    Daily mail

    Up to 8 sheets of 80gsm (20lbs bond) for C, Z or V fold, up to 4 sheets of 80gsm (20lbs bond) for double forward fold, up tp 25 sheets of 80gsm (20lbs bond) unfolded. May be stapled or not. Max. thickness of staple 3mm. Allowable staple positions are shown below.

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