• Before running with your selected Job, the machine must be set up and loaded with the stationery you intend to use. There is no need to make any adjustments for fold lengths, envelope stops etc., as these are all carried out automatically.

    The folder is fitted with a high or standard capacity hopper. If high-capacity, the paper trolley can be withdrawn from the machine as required, e.g. for quickly changing to a trolley with different paper type for a different job.

    • Ensure that the documents or inserts are orientated correctly for the type of fold and address position, ie. whether face up or down and address leading or trailing.
    • At the rear of the machine, press the tray descend button on top of the unit. Hold it until the tray has descended sufficiently. Load the documents into the hoppers, ensuring they are pushed fully forward - each hopper can hold up to 5000 sheets of 80 gsm paper. The tray will rise automatically when the machine is restarted.
    • Each paper hopper can also be withdrawn from the machine by gripping the latch bar, and moving the hopper rearwards on the castors. This will also allow spare, pre-loaded hoppers to be quickly moved into place, so avoiding delays in loading. The hopper has independently adjustable side guides, with three lock knobs for each. These must be set so that the paper stack is central, with approx. 1mm clearance each side all the way up.
  • Attention

    When a trolley is set for a paper type, it should only be used for that paper type, to avoid readjustment. If other paper types are used, further trolleys should be obtained.

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03/05/2018 08:21:08
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DS-1200 G4i