• The machine must only be serviced by a Technician trained by the manufacturer.
    • All cleaning and servicing maintenance the equipment to be isolated from the power source and disconnected.
    • Should a fault occur with the machine, immediately isolate and disconnect the incoming power.
    • When the machine is being transported it should be sat firmly on its feet. The machine should be strapped upright to a flat pallet during transport.
    • The machine must be installed or later modified only by authorised installation engineers.
    • When the machine is not in use, it should be disconnected from the electrical supply.
    • Ensure the equipment is operated and maintained only by trained and authorised personnel.
    • Keep hands and loose clothing away from the machine when in operation.
    • Always ensure the machine is level when in use.
    • The machine should be used as provided and should not be tampered with or altered, as the machine contains inbuilt safety systems which could be compromised by any interference.
    • If any external cover is damaged, it must be replaced by a authorised engineer.
    • Ensure safe storage/positioning of electrical cabling when not in use. Should the electrical cable become damaged do not operate the machine.
  • Caution

    All covers contain safety interlock cut-off switches. In the event of an emergency, or to stop the machine for any other reason, open any cover of the machine.

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03/05/2018 07:44:52
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03/07/2018 07:43:39
DS-1200 G4i