• Caution

    All machine covers contain interlock safety switches.

    When a cover is opened it is safe to carry out operator maintenance; however, lethal voltages are present when the machine is still connected.

    It is advisable to ensure the mains power supply is completely isolated before removing any machine cover or carrying out any maintenance operations.

  • After processing large numbers of inserts, contamination can build up on the rollers, and paper dust can obscure the optical sensors, impairing efficiency. To ensure the machine continues to operate effectively, the rollers and sensors should be cleaned periodically, and particularly if a large run is envisaged. 

    If operating problems occur, the rollers and sensors should always be cleaned first before taking further action.

Date created:
03/05/2018 08:31:28
Last updated:
01/17/2020 14:27:56
DS-1200 G4i