• The optical sensors on the machine consists of two halves, spaced slightly apart. They should be cleaned using only a non-flammable airduster, ensuring that both halves are thoroughly cleaned. Sensor locations are indicated in the following figures.

    Track shuttle

    (Viewed from behind the machine).
    Open the top covers of the track stations. Raise the shuttle and the overguide to access the sensors.

  • Folder

    Open the top covers of the track stations. The folder (where fitted) is located behind the track shuttle.

  • Feeder

    (Viewed from behind the machine).

    Raise the cover at the input end to access the sensors. Pull back the latches and raise the roller covers to access the underside.

    A feeder is also fitted behind the envelope opener - ensure these sensors are also cleaned in the same way.
  • Envelope Opener

    Located behind the insert head, just in front of the envelope feeder. Lift the black handle to gain access.

  • Kicker/Insert area

    Unlatch the blue handle and lift up the kicker to gain access.

  • Turnover

    With the insert cover raised, the sensors will be seen at the bottom of the turnover.

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DS-1200 G4i