• Periodically, all rollers, feed wheels and conveyor belts should be cleaned to remove impacted residues picked up from processing printed material. Use a clean, lint-free cloth dampened with water on all rollers, feed wheels and conveyor belts.

    Ensure the machine is switched off at the mains power before cleaning the rollers.

    Clean the full width and circumference of all visible rollers and feed wheels, using the location guide below. Most rollers and wheels can be turned round by hand, though some may be quite stiff.

    Feeder Interface

    Located in front of the feeder. Clean the four conveyor belts on the upper conveyor, then raise this upwards to access the four lower belts.


    Raise the cover at the input end of the feeder conveyor to reveal the feed wheels - this also applies to the envelope feeder. Clean the conveyor belts using a clean, lint-free cloth dampened with water. 

    Hi-Cap or Std-Cap Feeder

    Raise the top cover to reveal the feed wheels. Also lift up the inner plate to access the rollers below.


    Raise the collator cover and clean the full length of the conveyor belts of both upper and lower conveyors (release the latches and lift up the upper conveyor to access the lower conveyor). If a barcode/OMR unit is fitted, clean these conveyor belts and rollers also.

    Envelope Opener 

    Lift up the black handle in front of the envelope feeder and raise to access the envelope opener conveyor. Clean the conveyor belts and rollers using a clean, lint-free cloth dampened with water. 


    Clean the turnover belts and also the large aluminium wheels that they run on.

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DS-1200 G4i