• Before making any adjustments to the finger settings, check the correct envelopes for the job are being used; the envelope flap depth and throat depth must accord with the envelope settings in the job program (see Creating a Job).

    Adjust the throat depth setting on the side of the Kicker to match the envelope and job setting. Tighten the lock screw when finished.

  • To set the fingers, stop the job in a position where the envelope is waiting to be inserted or 'single cycle' the machine using the remote control until an envelope has appeared at the insert plate.

  • Adjust the finger position by loosening the blue lock screws A and B.

  • Ensure that the fingers will pass into the envelope throat when moving the finger mechanism forward.

  • Ensure the lock screws are securely fastened before continuing the job.

    If regularly changing between different envelope types that require setting of the fingers, a second set of envelope fingers can be obtained to minimise job change over time.

    The finger set can be removed from the left-hand and right-hand sides by removing the lock screw on the end of the finger shaft.

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03/05/2018 08:50:34
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DS-1200 G4i