• The main parts of the machine are shown below.


    1. Touch-sensitive monitor

      Runs the IMOS operating software and responds to button pushes. A remote control is also provided, to control basic functions.
    2. Vertical Stacker

      Holds up to 800 envelopes (DL) for long version, or 400 envelopes for short version. Fitted with a sensing conveyor that operates on demand to move the envelope stack forward.
    3. Envelope Feeder

      Feeds envelopes to the insert head. 1m long with a 70cm long stack capacity. It also opens the envelope flap.
    4. Insert Feeder

      Feeds inserts up to 152mm depth, cards, BR envelopes etc. Available with either a standard or high capacity conveyor. Reading version is available.
    5. Hi-Cap/Standard-Cap Feeder

      Fits behind an accumulator or folder to feed full sized forms up to 406mm depth. Capacity of Hi-Cap unit is up to 5000 sheets of 80gsm, Standard-Cap is 2000 sheets. Hi-Cap version has removable trolley.
    6. Accumulator

      Collates forms into an accumulator and then delivers them as a group to a folder, or if too many to fold, diverts the excess. The accumulated group is then fed to a folder. Accumulation capacity is up to 20 forms, or 8 for folding together.
    7. Diverter

      Fitted between an accumulator and folder, it receives forms diverted from the accumulator, either because of an error condition or an oversize group.
    8. Folder

      Folds up to 8 forms in C, Z fold, and up to 10 forms in V or double-fold. 3-plate design, and fold plate settings are automatic. Used as an autonomous unit, or in conjunction with an accumulator. Reading version is available.
    9. Track Pair

      Up to 8 track pairs can be fitted, supporting up to 16 feed/fold units. Includes the insert track and a shuttle to feed inserts or folded forms onto the track.
    10. Insert Head

      Receives document stack and inserts it into an envelope using a kicker. Envelope is then turned over for correct orientation and passes to a flap wetter/closer to close the flap. The flap is sealed shut as the filled envelope passes through the exit.
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03/05/2018 07:50:50
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DS-1200 G4i