• The function of the machine is to fold forms to ‘C’, ‘Z’, ‘V’ or double forward fold, either singly, in fixed multiples or in varying groups. Enclosures such as inserts, reply envelopes etc. may be added. Folded forms and enclosures are collated on the track as they travel towards the insert area before insertion into the envelope. Forms may be inserted without sealing the envelope for subsequent checking or hand insertion.

    There is a batch processing facility, allowing a preset number of cycles to be completed before the machine automatically stops.

    The machine is Barcode/2D/QR code/OMR/OCR compatible for use with reading-enabled feeders or folders, allowing a group of forms to be collated in an accumulator prior to folding. A number of barcode symbologies may be read.

    The machine consists of a number of modules, depending upon the build ordered - these modules are briefly described below:

    • Inserter head - Receives a collated group of documents into an insert area, turns them over for correct address position and inserts the pack into a waiting envelope before sealing the flap.
    • Feeder - Feeds shortform inserts (cards, reply envelopes, booklets etc.) onto the track for subsequent insertion. Flat material feeder is also available, for more rigid material or booklets. Feeders can be reading enabled.
    • Folder - Folds single documents separately, or if reading-enabled, in groups, collating the documents in the shuttle. Available in Hi-Cap (5000-sheet) or Standard Cap (2000-sheet) versions.
    • Collator - Collates multiple documents in an accumulator before folding as a group (up to 8 sheets C or Z fold, 10 sheets V fold). May be fitted with an optional 2-bin sheet diverter. Available in Hi-Cap (5000-sheet) or Standard Cap (2000-sheet) versions.
    • Vertical Stacker - High-volume output conveyor, stacks finished envelopes vertically on a moving conveyor for subsequent removal. Jog feature allows separation of groups or batches.

    A number of output devices such as envelope printer, franker, full-format inserter and output diverter are also available.A number of output devices such as envelope printer, franker, full-format inserter and output diverter are also available.

    The machine is equipped with PC controlled operating software from where jobs can be programmed and run. The number of jobs that can be programmed is limited only by the capacity of the PC. Input is via touch-screen monitor or optional keyboard/mouse.

    No manual setting of the fold plates or envelope closer is required, these being adjusted automatically according to the settings in the selected program.

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03/05/2018 07:48:38
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DS-1200 G4i