1. Press the keyboard button and enter a job name using the on-screen keyboard.

      1. Repeat for a brief job description for the job. This will appear in the job list.

    2. If required, enter further settings as described below.

        • Job number control mode: If Job Numbers are being used, select how these are generated. If Manual entry (external checking) is selected, enter the job number in the box underneath.
        • AIMS mode: Select what AIMS is to be used for (if applicable). Options are: Statistics / Audit / Verification / Lookup (FBM). Verification and Lookup (FBM) will only be available if Job Number Control Mode is an external source, either Manual entry (external) or Read from prime.
        • Datalogging mode: Select whether Off, Standard (default) or AIMS statistics compatible.
        • Late divert: This uses customer’s own data file to divert using the ID field label instead of the Divert BCS Character. Options are Off (default) or On (all).
        • Checking: If Checker required is selected, a checker is required to login at the same time as the operator. The checker is responsible for confirming, job settings, processing etc.
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03/05/2018 08:16:00
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DS-1200 G4i