1. Postage and metering settings are defined using a Postal Product, which controls the action of the weighing scales, franker or printer, where fitted.

    1. Press the settings button for Postal Product and select an existing product, or New to create one.

    2. Enter required options as described below.

        • Postal Product name: Enter a name for the new Postal Product.
        • Weight Groups: There are four weight groups, each one defining a range with a lower and upper weight, and a postage rate to be set for that range. The upper weight that you set for each group will automatically appear as the lower weight for the following group, enabling an ascending scale of postage rates to be set for the four groups.
          For the first group, click the Weight Group 1 button and enter the upper weight of the range in grams.
        • Postage: Press the Postage button, and enter the rate for that group.

      1. Note

        The weight of the filled envelope is determined by the weight of each inserted document, and the envelope. These are set in the Document and Envelope options in the Setup screen.

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DS-1200 G4i