1. Begin creating a job (see Creating a job) and select an envelope.

    2. In the Envelope selection box, press New.

    3. Enter an envelope name.

    4. Select envelope size. If you change default dimensions, size will change to Custom.

      1. Note

        Measure envelope carefully before changing sizes.

    5. Enter the paper weight and envelope thickness and weight will automatically calculate, or press Computed and enter actual figures.

    6. If using a reading label on the envelope, enter the definition name.

    7. The shield setting controls the amount of shielding over the lower pick-up wheel, and should not normally require adjustment. However, if stream-feeding or erratic double feeds occur, try moving the shield back (ie. reducing the percentage). If envelopes are not properly picking up, move it forward.

    8. If an alternative finger set is required to be used, enter its number. The operator will then be prompted to change the finger set when the job is run.

    9. Wetting rate number shown is the amount of wetting applied to the envelope flap. Default is 3, maximum is 8.

    10. Press Save when done.

      1. The envelope is now fully defined and is available for use.

      2. Attention

        Envelopes can also be created from the Menu screen if you have appropriate access rights.

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