MyNeopost Accounts

To access the Knowledgebase (KCMS) the user needs a MyNeopost Account. The MyNeopost Account username along with its associated access level is used during the Knowledgebase login.


  • Customer MyNeopost Accounts

    The set-up of a Customer MyNeopost Account is self-service with an automatic process.

    The Process:
    1. Go to
    2. Select MyNeopost under Resources & Support.
    3. Select Register in the top right-hand corner.
    4. Fill out the registration information and select Register.
    - An email will be sent to the email that was provided on the registration form.
    - Set Password following the instructions in the email.
    - After the password is set you will automatically be logged in to your MyNeopost account.
    - No Knowledgebase (KCMS) Login Setup required since customers are not required to login to Knowledgebase (KCMS).

  • Customer MyNeopost Support

    Customers that are logged into MyNeopost can open a support ticket in the environment. Customers can choose what they need assistance on NeoPreference, NeoStats, or All Other Requests. All other Requests would include the MyNeopost environment.

    Select the “Contact Us’ tab and move to the “Support” link underneath it. Selecting Support will allow a customer to open a support ticket.

  • The Customer can now choose from the type of support ticket to open. (Customers should only select Neopreference or NeoStats if they have an issue with those applications) for any other issues including MyNeopost customers should select “All Other Requests”.

  • Once the customer selects “All Other Requests they will see a form with most of their information populated. The customer then can fill in the required fields including the “How can we help you” section describing their issue.

  • This will open an ACE case in our CIC location and the customer will be contacted to resolve their issue.

Date created:
05/22/2013 22:33:43
Last updated:
05/15/2015 21:54:44