The Guided Approach To Finding Information

The site is designed to find information in one of two ways ... you can use the "Guided Approach" or the "Search" With the "Guided Approach" the user makes several decisions as they dril-down to the information they need.

Below is an example of finding information using the "Guided Approach".


1. Select Product Type

The main page of the Knowledgebase displays the major product types or groupings that we provide support informationon. Click on the Product Type to see the products available.

Eaxmple clicking (selecting) Mailing System display the available Mailing Systems.

2. Select Model

The second step is to select the model of the system you have. After you select the model, the model's main information page will be displayed.

To find your model number | name:
- Check the Operating Manual provided with the system.
- Look for a label on the system.

3. Select An Information Category.

The next step is to select a Category from the available list displayed.

4. Select An Information Article | Topic

Select an information article or topic that most closely matches your question.

Date created:
05/22/2013 22:33:43
Last updated:
12/22/2014 20:31:12