Toner Sensor Error

Possible causes and solutions for a "Toner Sensor Error".
  • Problem: After replacing your Toner or Drum you get this message: “Toner Sensor Error”.
    Cause 1: Toner cartridge may not be locked into the Drum properly or the Toner/Drum unit may not be locked into the printer correctly.
    Solution 1: Check the Toner cartridge Lock Lever and make sure it is in the locked position. (See image below).

  • Cause 2: The Toner/Drum may be defective.  
    Solution 2: Swap the Toner/Drum assembly (without touching the blue locking lever) with another Toner/Drum assembly (if available).
    - If the Error does not occur with the new Toner/Drum Assembly, then you can assume the origonal Toner/Drum is defective.
    - Normally you would start by replacing the Toner first. If that does not resolve it, then try replacing the Drum.
    - If the Error occurs with the new Toner/Drum assembly, then you can assume the Printer is defective.

Date created:
05/22/2013 22:54:54
Last updated:
01/09/2015 14:39:30
HD-C11n, HD-C17n, HD-M11dn, HD-MF14dn