CODEC Connection Problems

Applies to all IM, IN, and IS mailing system models


  • Solving Modem Connection Problems

    1. Verify that your connections settings are correct and that your modem is connected to your machine and to a working telephone/fax line.
    2. If a call fails, put the machine in sleep mode by pressing the Sleep / Wake button, making sure the red light on the modem goes off.
    3. After 10 minutes has elapsed, Press the Sleep / Wake button again and try the call again.
    4. If the call fails again, unplug power to the machine for 10 seconds and try the call again.
    5. You may need to try several times if server traffic is high. Server trafic is highest at mid-day ( 12:00 - 4:00 pm EST) and at the beginning and end of each month.
    6. If the issue doesn’t improve, please notify Customer care with exact details of the error messages received, the call type attempted and your meter serial number.
Date created:
03/19/2013 19:43:05
Last updated:
11/12/2018 21:51:41
IN-750, IN-700, IN-600, IN-360, IS-6000, IS-5000, IS-480, IS-460, IS-440, IS-430, IS-420, IS-350, IS-330