Can not activate departement

Machine info
Event id: BAS-06-118 or DBX-06-118
Long description: The status of the department can't be change because parent group is inactivated
Recovery: Activate parent group prior department.

Date created:
05/21/2014 09:39:53
Last updated:
11/13/2015 15:56:23
IN-750, IN-760, IN-700, IN-710, IN-600, IN-610, IN-360, Rate Change, IS56STACKER, IS-6500, IS-6000, IS-6000c, IS-5000, IS-490, IS-480c, IS-480, IS-460, IS-440, IS-430, IS-420, IS-380, IS-350, IS-330, IS-280, IS-280c, IS-240