1. The Default Mail Class will always be displayed on the homescreen upon power on from sleep mode.
  2. You can set default parameters for the imprint elements that follow:
    • Rate.
    • Text.
    • Ad slogan.

    On a list screen a check mark indicates the default parameter.

  3. Buttons Used

    The following buttons pictured are the IS-280. Although the machine panel may be different in appearance, the button operation is identical.

    Menu Button
    OK Button
    Sleep Button
  4. Procedure

  5. Procedure

    1. Press [MENU].

    2. Select Supervisor.

    3. Enter PIN Code.
      Press [OK].
    4. Select Default User Settings.
    5. Select Default Imprint Parameters.
    6. Select Default Rate.
    7. Screen displays "Press OK to start the rate selection wizard".
      Press [OK].
    8. Select the desired default rate from the list of rates.
      Press [OK].
    9. Select the desired destination (domestic, international).
      Press [OK].
    10. Select the desired format (letter, flat, parcel, card).
      Press [OK].
    11. Select any desired services.
      Press [OK].
    12. Summary screen is displayed.
      Press [Finish].
    13. Press the Sleep/Wake Button twice to exit the Supervisor Mode.
    14. The Homescreen will display the selected default mail class.
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