1. The USPS First Class Parcel rate selection has been removed from the Rate Wizard/1st Class/Domestic screen because of the January 28 2019 USPS rate structure change.
  2. Using the Rate Wizard

    1. Using the rate wizard, scroll or page down to #28 First Class Pkg/Rtl, it is now zone dependent and the next screen will prompt you for a zip code.

    2. Enter the destination Zip Code and press "OK".

  3. Using Shortcuts

    1. Open the rate selection screen.

    2. Select FC PkgS Retail.

    3. Select FC PkgS Retail again.

    4. Enter the destination Zip Code and press "OK". 

Date created:
01/30/2019 16:49:34
Last updated:
01/30/2019 17:30:58