1. Manual (Generic) calls allow you to connect to the Online Server in order to retrieve new information (update postal rates, ad slogan or messages) or to enable features and options (Scale capacity, number of accounts...).
  2. • You will be instructed to use this function when rates change if you do not have a rate protection agreement.
    • When the connection type is set to PC KIT , manual calls are no longer available in My Funds menu and Online Services menu of your Mailing System screen. (IS-280 only)
    • You can trigger a call to the Online Services server from the user menu as well as from the supervisor menu.

  3. Buttons Used

    The following buttons pictured are the IS-280. Although the machine panel may be different in appearance for the IS/IM 330, 350 and IN-360, the button operation is identical.

    Menu Button
    OK Button
    Home Button
  4. Procedure

    1. Press [MENU].
    2. Select Online Services.
      Press [OK].
    3. Select Generic Call.
      Press [OK].
    4. The mailing system connects to the server and downloads any available rates, slogans, etc.

    5. Press the [Home] button.
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12/10/2015 16:39:12
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