1. The system provides you several ways to select a rate:
    • Using a shortcut list in the form of a scale dashboard in the rate selection screen.
    • Using a wizard that asks you to choose class, destination, format and services in complete lists of options.
  2. • Postage displayed on the screen is zero as long as the weight is not known.
    • Select Wizard to view all available rates.

  3. Buttons Used

    The following buttons pictured are the IS-280. Although the machine panel may be different in appearance for the IS/IM 330, 350 and IN-360, the button operation is identical.

    Rate Button
    Back Button
    OK Button
  4. Procedure

    1. Place an item on the scale or enter a weight manually.
    2. Press the Rate Button.
    3. Select from the displayed rates or select wizard for all rates.
    4. Follow the instructions on screen and, once you have chosen the rate, and any desired services, press [OK] to validate your selection.

  5. If a mail piece is bigger than mail path maximum thickness, you may use a label tape.

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