User Guide IS-420

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  1. Read this First
    1. What you will find in this Manual
      1. Symbols
      2. Glossary
    2. Safety Requirements
      1. Power Connection
      2. Compliance
        1. Energy Star compliance
        2. Environmental compliance
        3. CE compliance
      3. General Safety
      4. LAN Connections
        1. Plugging the right jack in the right socket
      5. Disconnecting your Mailing System
        1. How to Disconnect your Mailing System
  2. Meet Your Mailing System
    1. System Layout
      1. Mailing system with feed-table
      2. Inside the system base
    2. Accessories
      1. Report Printer (option)
      2. Barcode Scanner (option)
    3. Control Panel Features
      1. Display Areas
      2. Keys and Shortcuts
      3. Keypad Use
    4. Connections
      1. Connectors
        1. Connectors
      2. Connection Diagram
        1. Detail of connections
        2. Power connectors
    5. Power Management
      1. Energy Star® Compliance
      2. Sleep Mode
      3. How to Turn the Mailing System to Sleep Mode
      4. OFF Mode
      5. How to Turn the Mailing System to OFF Mode
  3. Processing Mail
    1. Choosing a Type of Stamp
      1. Customizing Your Stamp
        1. Home Screen and Configuration Menu
      2. Type of Process and Type of Stamp
    2. Preparing and Starting your Work Session
      1. Preparation steps
      2. Sorting Mail by Type and Task
        1. How to Sort Mail
      3. Turning On Your System and Starting a Work Session
        1. How to Log in and Start a Work Session
        2. To find an account
        3. Accounting information
      4. Selecting the Type of Stamp
        1. How to Change the Current 'Type of Stamp'
      5. Frequently Asked Questions
    3. Printing [Standard] Mail
      1. In Processing [Standard] Mail Section
      2. Applying Postage for [Standard] Mail
        1. Setting Postage for [Standard] Mail
        2. How to Set Postage for [Standard] Mail
        3. Setting an Imprint Memory for [Standard] Mail
        4. Processing [Standard] Mail
        5. How to Process [Standard] Mail
      3. Re-dating Mail
        1. Set-Up Requirements
        2. How to Re-Date Mail (Settings)
        3. Running Mail
        4. How to Re-Date Mail (Running Mail)
    4. Printing Incoming Mail with [Received] Mode
      1. In [Received] Mode Section
      2. Setting [Received] Mode printing
      3. How to Set [Received] Mode printing
      4. Processing [Received] Mail
      5. How to Process [Received] Mail
    5. Running [No Printing] Mail
      1. In Running [No Printing] Section
      2. Setting [No Printing] Mail processing
      3. How to Set [No Printing] Mail processing
      4. Processing [No Printing] Mail
      5. How to Process Mail [No Printing] Mail
    6. Settings Details
      1. Changing the Current Account
        1. How to Change Account
        2. Using Barcode Scanner to Change of Account
      2. Selecting a Rate
        1. How to Select a Rate
        2. Using the Rate Wizard
        3. Rate Wizard screens
      3. Entering Postage Manually
        1. How to Enter Postage Manually
      4. Choosing a Weighing Mode
        1. Weighing modes
        2. Details on the Weighing Modes
        3. Changing the Weighing Mode
        4. How to Change the Weighing Mode
      5. Entering Weight Manually
        1. How to Enter the Weight Manually
      6. Configuring the Stamp
        1. Navigating in the Stamp Settings
        2. Advancing or Omitting the Date
        3. How to Change the Date
        4. Adding Text and/or Ad Die to the Stamp
        5. How to Add (or Cancel) a Text on the Stamp
        6. How to Add (or Cancel) an Ad Die on the Stamp
        7. Moving the Stamp (Print Offset)
        8. How to Move the Stamp (Print Offset)
      7. Using Imprint Memories
        1. How to Use an Imprint Memory
      8. Using the Sealing Function
        1. Hand-Feed Table Moistener
    7. Advanced Operations
      1. Emergency Stop
        1. How to Enable an Emergency Stop
      2. Using Batch Counters
        1. How to Reset Batch Counters
      3. Piece Counting
        1. How to Count Mail pieces by Weighing
      4. Filling the Label Dispenser
        1. How to Fill the Automatic Label Dispenser
  4. Money Operations
    1. Overview
      1. The Postal Security Device (PSD) — Postage Meter
      2. Managing Funds
      3. Tracking Funds
    2. Managing Funds
      1. Checking Funds
        1. How to Check the PSD Funds
      2. Adding Funds
        1. How to Add Funds to the PSD
    3. Unlocking the PSD (Postal Inspection)
      1. Manual Call
      2. How to Unlock the PSD
  5. Managing Accounts and Assigning Rights
    1. Accounting and Assigning Rights Overview
      1. Postage Tracking and Access Control
      2. The Accounts Function
      3. Accounts from the User's Perspective
      4. The Access Control Function
    2. Selecting an 'Account Mode'
      1. Introducing the 'Account Modes'
      2. 'Account Modes' table
    3. Guidelines to Setup an Account
      1. Setting up 'No Account'
        1. Implementing “No account”
        2. 'No Account' Management Menu
      2. Setting up 'No Account with Access Control'
        1. Implementing “No Account with Access Control”
        2. 'No Account with Access Control' Management Menu
        3. How to Change a Shared PIN Code
      3. Setting up 'Account'
        1. Implementing the “Account Mode”
        2. 'Account' Mode Management Menu
      4. Setting up 'Account with PIN Codes'
        1. Implementing “Account with PIN Codes”
        2. 'Account with PIN Codes' Management Menu
      5. Setting up 'Remote Account Management'
        1. Implementing 'Remote account management'
    4. Selecting an Account Mode
      1. How to Display and Change the Account Mode
    5. Managing Accounts
      1. Selecting an Account Mode
      2. Account Information
        1. Number of accounts
        2. Account summary
        3. Naming limitation
        4. Additional information
      3. Account Management
        1. Creating Accounts
        2. How to Create an Account
        3. Editing Accounts
        4. How to View / Edit Account Information
        5. Activating Accounts
        6. How to Activate / Deactivate an Account
        7. Deleting Accounts
        8. How to Delete an Account
      4. Importing/Exporting Account Lists
        1. Exporting an Account List
        2. How to Export an Account List
        3. Importing Account List
        4. How to Import Accounts
  6. Reports
    1. Reports Overview
      1. List of Reports
    2. Generating a Report
      1. How to Generate a Report (as a User)
      2. How to Generate a Report (as Supervisor)
    3. Counter Data
      1. Batch Data Report
      2. Received Batch Data
    4. Postage Data
      1. Daily Usage Report
      2. Monthly Usage Report
    5. Funds Data
      1. Funds Summary Report
      2. Adding Postage Report
    6. Account Data
      1. Account Report
        1. How to Generate the Account Report
      2. Single Account Report
      3. Multi Account Report
    7. System Data
      1. Machine Configuration Report
      2. Base errors
      3. Meter errors
      4. IP Configuration Report
        1. How to Generate a IP Configuration Report
      5. Proxy Configuration Report
        1. How to Generate a Proxy Configuration Report
  7. Online Services
    1. Online Services Overview
    2. Connecting to Online Services
      1. Automatic calls
      2. Manual Calls
        1. How to Call Online Services Manually (as a User)
        2. How to Call Online Services Manually (as Supervisor)
      3. Synchronize Call
      4. Testing the Connection to Online Services
        1. How to Test the Connection to Online Services
    3. Uploading Statistics
      1. How to Upload Report Data to the Online Services Server
    4. System Online Services
      1. Ink Management Service
      2. Rate Protection
      3. Account level
    5. eConfirmation Services
      1. eService Overview
        1. eDelivery Confirmation
        2. eSignature Confirmation
        3. eCertified Mail
      2. e-Confirmation Service Customer Profile
      3. How e-Confirmation Service Works
        1. The Process in your Mailroom
        2. Getting e-Confirmation Status Data
      4. Processing e-Confirmation Items Using your Weighing Platform
        1. How to Process eConfirmation Items using the WP
        2. Checking e-Confirmation Records
        3. How to Display eConf Record List and Details
        4. Modifying an e-Confirmation Record
        5. How to Modify an eConf Record Status
  8. Configuring your Mailing System
    1. Settings Overview
      1. User Settings
      2. Supervisor Settings
    2. Logging in / out as the Supervisor
      1. Log in as supervisor
      2. How to Log in as Supervisor
      3. Exiting the Supervisor Mode
      4. How to Exit the Supervisor Mode
    3. Changing the Display Language
      1. How to Change the Display Language
      2. Setting Default Display Language
      3. How to Change the Display Language by Default
    4. Enabling/Disabling Sounds
      1. How to Enable / Disable the Beeps
      2. Setting Default System Beeps
      3. How to Change the Beeps by Default
    5. Display Settings
      1. How to Adjust the Display Contrast
      2. Setting Default Display Contrast
      3. How to Change the Display Contrast by Default
    6. System Time-outs and Settings
      1. System Time-outs
        1. How to Adjust the Time-outs
        2. Setting Default Time-Outs
        3. How to Change System Time-Outs
      2. Smart Start
        1. How to Activate / Deactivate Smart Start
    7. High Value, Low Funds Warnings and PIN code
      1. Warnings
        1. How to Set the High-Value Warning Amount
        2. How to Set the Low-Funds Threshold
      2. Funding PIN Code
        1. How to Set/Cancel a Funding PIN Code
    8. Weighing Settings
      1. Weighing Reinit
      2. Default Weighing Mode
        1. How to Change the Default Weighing Mode
      3. Weighing Platform Automatic Selection
        1. How to Activate the Automatic Weight Detection on the WP
        2. How to De-activate the Automatic Weight Detection on the WP
      4. Zeroing the Weighing Platform
        1. How to Zero the Weighing Platform
        2. How to Tare the Weighing Platform (as a User)
        3. How to Rezero the Weighing Platform
        4. How to Tare the Weighing Platform (as Supervisor)
      5. ePostage
        1. How to activate / de-activate ePostage Mode
        2. How to set the ePostage connection
      6. GEO Code
        1. Changing GEO code
        2. How to Change the GEO Code
        3. Geodesic map
        4. Geodesic codes
    9. Postage Imprint Default Settings
      1. Stamp Default Settings
        1. Changing the Default Rate
        2. How to Change the Default Rate
        3. Changing the Default Text
        4. How to Change the Default Text
        5. Changing the Default Ad die
        6. How to Change the Default Ad Die
      2. Automatic Date Advance
        1. How to Set the Automatic Date Advance Time
      3. Printing Offset
        1. How to Set the Default Printing Offset
      4. Fractional Setting
        1. How to Activate / Deactivate Fractional Postage Values
    10. Imprint Memories
      1. Standard Stamp Imprint Memory
      2. Managing Imprint Memories
      3. How to Create an Imprint Memory
      4. How to Edit / Modify an Imprint Memory
      5. How to Delete an Imprint Memory
    11. Connection Settings
      1. Connection to the Postal Services or Online Services
      2. How to Set the Postal/Online Services Connection
      3. LAN Settings
      4. How to Set LAN (High-speed Internet) Parameters
    12. Time and Date Management
      1. Daylight Savings Time Transitions
      2. Time and Date Setup
        1. How to Check/Adjust the Machine Time and Date
  9. Options and Updates
    1. Options and Updates Process
      1. How to Access the Options and Updates Menu
    2. Using the Mailbox
      1. How to Read Messages (as a User)
      2. How to Read Messages (as Supervisor)
      3. How to Delete Messages (as a User)
      4. How to Delete Messages (as Supervisor)
    3. Managing Options
      1. Consulting the Option List
        1. How to Display the Options
      2. Activating New Options
        1. How to Load New Options
    4. Managing Custom Text Messages
      1. The List of Custom Text Messages
      2. How to Display the List of Text Messages
      3. Editing Text
      4. How to Add a New Text Message
      5. How to Modify or Delete a Text Message
    5. Managing Ad Die
      1. Managing Ad Die
      2. Displaying the List of Ad Dies
      3. How to Display the List of Ad Dies
      4. Modifying the List of Ad Dies
      5. How to Modify or Delete an Ad Die
      6. Downloading New Ad Dies
      7. How to Download New Ad Dies
    6. Managing Postal Rates
      1. Displaying Rate Tables
      2. How to Check your Rate Updates
      3. Downloading New Postal Rates
      4. How to Download New Postal Rates
  10. Maintaining your Mailing System
    1. Maintaining the Ink Cartridge
      1. About the Ink Cartridge
      2. Ink Cartridge Maintenance
      3. Displaying Ink Level and Cartridge Data
        1. How to Display Ink Level and Cartridge Data (as a User)
        2. How to Display Ink Level and Cartridge Data (as Supervisor)
      4. Setting the Headset Alignment
        1. How to Align the Print Heads
      5. Cleaning the Print Heads
        1. How to Clean the Print Heads Automatically (as a User)
        2. How to Clean the Print Heads Automatically (as Supervisor)
      6. Wiper Process
        1. How to Implement Wiper Process
      7. Manual Cleaning
        1. How to Clean the Print Heads Manually
      8. Changing the Ink Cartridge
        1. How to Change the Ink Cartridge
    2. Filling the Moistener (Option)
      1. How to Fill the Moistener
    3. Cleaning the Mail Path
      1. Cleaning Brushes and Sponge of the Moistener
        1. How to Clean the Brushes and Sponge (Moistener)
      2. Cleaning Mail Path Sensors
        1. How to Clean the Mail Path Sensors
    4. Maintenance Processes
      1. Maintenance process details
      2. Running the Installation Wizard
        1. How to Run the Installation Wizard
        2. Additional information
      3. Performing the Update Registration Procedure to Change your Address
        1. Updating Registration
        2. How to Run the Registration Update
  11. Troubleshooting
    1. Paper Jamming
      1. Base Jamming
        1. How to Clear Mail Jammed in the Base
    2. Label Jamming
      1. A Label is Jammed in the Base
        1. How to Clear a Label Jammed in the Base
    3. Weighing Problems
      1. Dynamic Scale
      2. The Weighing Device does not Weigh Properly
    4. Diagnostics and System Data
      1. Diagnostics
        1. How to Access Diagnostic Data
      2. System Data
        1. How to Display Software Data
        2. How to Display Hardware Data
        3. How to Display the Event Lists
        4. How to Display the Machine Counters
  12. Specifications
    1. Mail Specifications
      1. Envelope Dimensions
        1. Minimum Envelope Thickness
        2. Label dimensions (pre-cut and self-adhesive)
    2. Recommended Operating Conditions
      1. Temperature and Relative Humidity
      2. Weighing accuracy
    3. General Mailing Systems Specifications
      1. Dimensions
      2. Weight
      3. Power
    4. Operating Specifications
      1. Accounts