• Attention

    The DS-200 with INF Turner/ Sorter must be switched on in the following order:

    1. INF Turner and/or Sorter (plug the power supply in).
    2. DS-200 Inserter (wait for Ready message on screen).
    3. Franker system (wait for its startup routine to finish).

  • When the machine is running, the following must be observed.

    • If communication is lost between the DS-200 and Franker, an error message on the DS-200 screen will instruct you to turn the Franker off and on. Before switching back on, check the Franker screen to ensure it is off - it may take some seconds.
    • When the DS-200 stops, the Franker will run on for a longer period. To stop it sooner, press the Pause button on the DS-200 screen.
    • Periodically, the Franker base unit will need to update information: this will cause a delay in the startup routine.
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03/10/2017 11:41:54
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03/14/2017 07:26:12