The Output Settings in the job control how the INF Output Sorter is used. The settings are defined when the job is created, or can be added or changed later by editing the job.

Output settings are described below, and assume that the envelope, document and enclosures have already been set up. See also DS200 Operator Manual for full details of creating/editing a job.

    1. Select Settings for Unsorted Mail in the Output Settings screen.
    2. Set Batching to Batch On if required and set required quantity in Batch Quantity.
      1. Set Batch Mode as follows:
        • Batch and Continue: Machine will pause for the specified pause time, and then resume.
          Note: conveyor will continue to run during the pause time.
        • Batch and Stop: Machine will stop and resume only when the Run button is pressed.
        Select Envelope Count under Batch Control, currently the only available option.

        Set the Batch Complete Pause Time as described in Batch and Continue above.

        When settings are complete, press the Save button. 

    3. If a conveyor is fitted, select Conveyor Settings to adjust the Jog functions as follows:
      • Single Jog Adjust: Adjusts default jog step (gap) between mailpieces. Note that steps are unitless.
      • Batch Complete Jog Step: Adjusts gap before machine performs action described in ‘Batch Mode’.
      • Mark Reading Jog Step: Adjusts gap created after Jog mark is read.
      • Autoend Jog Step: Adjusts gap created before machine autoends.
      When settings are complete, press the Save button.
Output Settings for unsorted mail is now complete. If you are using Mail Sorting, see Mail Sorting.
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03/10/2017 11:42:22
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