Mail sorting allows weight groups to be defined and added to a numbered Mail Sort, which can then be directed to a particular exit. It applies only when one or more sorters are fitted, which may optionally also be fitted with 1 or 2 conveyors.

In addition to weight groups, an Exit Selection mark or character can be used to differentiate Mail Sorts.

The example below shows the maximum configuration of 2 sorters and 3 output conveyors.

If weight groups are being used, these must first be defined and named in a Postal Product. This is carried out in the Menu screen, described on the following page.

  1. Postal Products
    1. Select Postal Products in the Menu screen.
    2. Select Create New (or Edit for an existing Postal Product).
    3. Set the weight groups as required - note that the minimum weight of each group is the same as the maximum weight of the previous group.

      1. Attention

        The Postal Product list can be ordered by Name or Date Created.

  2. Mail Sorts


    1. A Mail Sort is part of the Postal Product and is a set of criteria than determines how the mailpieces within it are treated when they reach the sorter.

      The criteria are the Weight Group and Exit Selection OMR mark (or BCR character): these two criteria use a priority basis to determine the exit at the sorter.

    2. In the Mail Sorting part of the Output Settings screen, select the Mail Sorting button.
    3. Select options as described on the following page.
    4. Select the Postal Product defined in step 1 of "Postal Product".
    5. Select the Sort Criteria, and then the required Mail Sort associated with it (by default, the last Mail Sort selected will be used).
    6. Set the priority required for each line. As each Mail Sort can have a number of combinations of criteria, some of which may overlap, you can determine which has priority.
      1. The example above shows Weight Group 1 and Exit Selection marks 1 & 2 are all contained in Mail Sort 2; you could change the priority so that mailpieces with Exit Selection Mark 1 have priority over those in Weight Group 2 instead of the priority they currently have.

        Select any priority number to switch on the scroll arrows. After making changes, select a number again to switch them off.

        Select Save when you have finished: your Sort Settings are now saved to the Postal Product.

    7. If Batching is being used, select the Settings button.
      1. Batching for Sorted Mail is the same as for Unsorted Mail, described in Output settings.
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