If a franker is fitted, you must define which Mail Sort it is being used for, and select its settings.
    1. Select the Franking button in the Output Settings screen.
    2. Choose which Mail Sort (or Unsorted Mail) that the franker is to be used for.

      1. Note: Mail Sorting must be set to Yes.
    3. Select the Settings button and adjust settings as described below:
      1. Franking Job: Select preset job (if available) or the Current Job that the franker is programmed with.

        If an IS-5000/6000 Franker (with integral conveyor) is fitted to the INF Turner, its print heads will park after a period of inactivity, such as the DS-200 not running, or envelopes being sorted but not fed to the franker.

        When this occurs, the next envelope that is fed to the franker will be held at the exit of the INF Turner for about 10 seconds while the print heads unpark. The system will then continue operating as normal.

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