• If operating problems cannot be resolved using the following guide, the Technical Department must be contacted for further assistance.

    1. Envelopes not franking. 1. Ensure ‘Franker Control’ is set to ‘Franking Machine’ and a franking job is selected. (Franking).
    2. INF Turner Conveyor is not moving. 2. Check DIN lead is properly connected to inserter.
    3. Envelopes failing to contact datum edge side-guide and failing to turn when they should. 3. Perspex backstop is set too far away to allow sufficient ‘bounce-back’ (INF Turner adjustments).
    4. Envelopes failing to turn properly. 4. a) Ensure adjustable panel is lowered when turning envelopes (INF Turner adjustments).

        b) Clean conveyor belt surface (Cleaning the conveyor belt).

    5. Envelopes ejecting from wrong exit. 5. Ensure exit is allocated correctly in Output Placement.
    6. Envelopes with unexpected Sort Criteria are exiting. 6. Ensure ‘Priority’ is correctly set in Edit - Sort Settings dialog (Mail Sorting).
    7. Envelopes failing to leave Sorter properly. 7. Clean conveyor belt surface (Cleaning the conveyor belt).
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03/10/2017 12:07:22
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03/14/2017 07:26:16