• Caution

    Please, read these notes with care.

    Save these instructions for later use.

    All notes and warnings found on the machine are to be followed.

  • Installing the
    Important! The machine must be installed only by an Authorised Service Engineer. A safe, level position is necessary, when installing the machine, with sufficient space all round to operate it. The machine is to be protected from moisture. If moving the machine, ensure that the castor brakes are off, and push on the stand, not the machine.

    Ensure there is at least 1 metre of free space between the side of the machine and a wall or barrier. Do not place surrounding furniture or other objects where your path may be obstructed. 

    Electrical danger The machine operates on low voltage so no general electrical hazard is present. However, the inserter to which it connects operates at mains voltage, hence a hazard exists if any electrical parts remain uncovered. Protect the device from moisture. When moisture enters the machine, there is the danger of electrical shock. Never remove any screws from the machine or attempt to open it. For reasons of electrical safety, the machine may only be opened by authorized Service Agents.
    Operating safety Never reach into the machine when it is running! As the machine is connected to the inserter, this could only occur if a safety interlock were to fail.

    The danger of injuries exists, due to a moving conveyor belt. Keep long hair and parts of loose clothing far from the machine in operation. If a safety interlock fails, your Service Agent must be contacted immediately!

    In order to prevent damage to the machine, only factory authorized accessory parts should be used.
    Cleaning the
    Prior to cleaning the exterior of the machine, it should be disconnected from the power supply. When cleaning the machine, do not use liquid or spray cleaners, but only a cloth dampened with water.
    Cleaning sensors When cleaning sensors use only non-flammable airdusters, eg. part number 9103707C. Other types may use flammable propellants, which could result in fire or explosion.
    Allow machine to be checked by the Service Agent In the following cases, the mains plug must be unplugged and the device left for the authorized Service Agents:
    • When the mains cable or plug is worn or damaged.
    • When water or other liquid has entered the device.
    • When the device does not function properly, in spite of following the instructions provided.
    • When the device has fallen down or the housing is damaged.
    • When there are noticeable differences in the normal operation of the machine.
    Spare Parts When repair work is carried out, only original spare parts or spare parts corresponding to the original parts may be used.
    Do not disassemble the machine any further than is described in this handbook. Other than the top cover, the opening of the machine by unauthorized personnel is not permitted. Repairs may only be carried out by an authorized Service Agent.

    Modification is not permitted:

    For safety reasons, your own reworking and modifications are not permitted.
  • Attention

    Please contact your Service Agent, for all questions relating to service and repair. In this way, you ensure the operational safety of your machine.

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